Air Charters

At ABC, we can execute any type of air charter whether it is for passenger, cargo or executive. Air charter is perhaps the single most convenient and efficient means of travel available today. We are committed to finding the right aircraft at the right place at the right price, just give us a call and simply relax; you will be treated to a degree of professionalism and operational excellence that will far exceed your expectations. Come and be part of the fast growing family of travelers' worldwide using charter flights as the smart option.


Airbus 310 - 300
Passenger - Long Range
Range : 5200nm












AN 225
Cargo - the biggest in the sky



Challenger 604
An executive beauty

Passenger Charter

Are you fed up of airline delays, cancellations, connections, terminal chaos, long check-in lines, crowded airports, lost baggage and asking yourself " Why this headache". Well, the solution is to join the band of discerning travelers' who have discovered the pleasure of private air charters making the price far more competitive per seat. In fact, in a number of regional markets, air charter has become the only feasible option to support a one or two day regional trip for business or leisure.

Consider some of these incredible advantages:

Enjoy the unique privilege of creating your own timetable and rescheduling it according to your agenda, the crew is entirely at your disposal allowing you to give the final masterstroke to that business deal or simply party longer without worrying about missing your flight.

Fly by the shortest route and reduce traveling time by flying direct to your destinations based on your itinerary thus eliminating the wastage and inconvenience of airport terminal waits for connection flights.

Enjoy the luxury of privacy as you have the option of traveling with people of your choice, conduct business meetings or simply relax in your home in the sky. You have the advantage of flying from the smaller, less congested airports closest to your home and will save a great deal of time at the passenger terminal for check ins: no question of lost baggage either.

The best news is that it really works as a very cost effective solution and time saved is money earned. With the optimum number of passengers to match the aircraft type, the cost per seat can work out cheaper than a scheduled flight. We can configure the aircraft to your choice whether it be all first class or economy or a mixture of both. Even better, the combo aircraft charter (passenger and cargo) is the ideal solution; with our strong relationship with the aviation community and freight forwarders, anything and everything is possible.

In case you just want a feasibility check, we will be happy to provide a ballpark quotation, in case you need to start and evaluate a route, we shall provide you with a detailed and itemized breakdown of all the costs associated with the flight.

Cargo Charters

With governments around the world announcing liberal aviation policies and opening up their skies, cargo charters have witnessed a tremendous boom in the last 5 years. At ABC, we have the resources and operational skill to move and match any type of cargo (commercial, relief goods, livestock, hazardous) to the right aircraft type.

So whether your cargo is outsized and indivisible, consignment payload ranges from 5 tons to 250 tons that need to be transported in one go, relief goods that need to be reached urgently or airdropped, supra urgent shipments to maintain production in an oil field or just-in-time manufacturing schedules, hazardous goods including nuclear material or extremely high value goods, livestock ranging from sheep to gazelles to million dollar race horses, all you need to do is to call us. ABC will handle 'A to Z' right from sourcing the appropriate aircraft, to obtaining landing permits and overflight permits, to accurate loading/unloading, to penning systems, to airline documentation and coordination with the handling agent in a most professional manner that will reflect our expertise in all facets of aviation matters.


Travel in absolute style, in total privacy and be pampered to the ultimate in professionalism. In a world where 24 hours is just not enough, a business charter flight cuts across space and time and gets you directly to any of your destinations in minimum time and in the most comfortable and discreet manner.

Besides saving time, money and increasing productivity, you will enjoy other benefits like last minute check ins, immediate take offs, special meals to suit your culinary tastes and chauffeur service to whiz you in and out of the airport.

With our real time database, ABC will secure the most convenient and cost effective aircraft suited to your specific requirements. Our flight operations department will handle all the arrangements for you; right from flight planning to crew briefing to customized in-flight services, and on site assistance for checking and boarding.

Call us and let us Indulge you.


Leasing an aircraft is the commercially viable alternative to purchasing them especially for start up airlines or when carriers are introducing a new route and desire fleet flexibility. Across the globe, there is a growing trend among airlines including established carriers turning towards 'operating leases' as the strategic solution in today's fast paced global aviation market; as a result, more than a third of the world's airline fleet operate on a leasing arrangement

At ABC, our team of professionals will be glad to assist, advice, and customize a leasing solution just for you whether it is a wet lease, (ACMI contract basis which includes the Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) a dry lease, or a purchase lease ranging from a short period of 15 days to a long term 7 year contract.


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Aviation Related Services

ABC also provides an array of business - to - business services worldwide to the aviation industry. Contact us, we are a single window air travel service solution provider: our Flight Operations Department will get you overflight and landing permits at short notice, file a flight plan or prepare a trip plan, obtain diplomatic clearances and assist with customs, provide ground handling services and also contract fuel through our global network.

At ABC, our consultants are available to advise on a wide range of aviation issues. We can do a feasibility study for a route or region, help set up an airline or restructure it, conduct a fleet review for acquiring or upgrading aircrafts, review financial performance and suggest cost reduction techniques

Contact us at for a cost effective and integrated aviation solution.