About Us

Young and dynamic, Aero Business Charter (ABC) has established itself as a reputable and economical air charter, leasing and aviation service solution provider to anyone, anywhere in the world. Detailed and yet flexible in all aspects of aircraft operation, we are entirely customer driven and pride ourselves on the personalized attention provided to every potential client who walks through our door - either on the web, through our worldwide network of associates, or our brick and mortar building at Sharjah Airport International Free (SAIF) Zone.


Falcon 900
Seats :12-13
Range :4,800 nm
Gulfstream V
Seats :12-17
Range :7,300 nm



Boeing 747-400
Seats :550
Speed :900 Km/hr

Mission Statement

To deliver ' Sky High Excellence at Down to Earth Prices '.


To be rated in the top 25 globally in the field of 'AIR CHARTERS AND LEASES'.



Core Activities

We are happy to assist you with virtually any aircraft type, ranging from a 6 seat Cessna, to the reliable 707/DC 8, to a luxury VIP jet, to the giant Antonov freighters (AN 124 with a payload of 115 tons, AN 225 with a payload starting at 250 tons). Besides charters and leases, we also offer a complete range of aviation related services. So if you need permits, fuelling, ground handling, flight plans, management services for starting or restructuring an airline, be confident that you have knocked the right door.

Our client list includes leading airlines, tour operators, freight forwarders, multinationals, NGO's, and relief organizations, and promises to be one of the most varied in the years to come. So, whether you need an executive jet from Singapore to Bangkok, relief or commercial flights into Afghanistan, a tour charter from Amsterdam to Cairo or want to move livestock (cattle, goats, ostriches, gazelles, camels) from any point, contact us; you are in the best hands. To our credit, referrals and client retention business still accounts for the major portion of our expanding worldwide market.

Since we source our aircraft from a variety of airlines, aircraft owners and leasing firms, ABC guarantees that you have enough of the best to choose from. We deal with only the best operators and when it comes to customer expectations, we promise zero tolerance and adhere to the highest standards of business ethics in all our dealings. When we are not directly serving a customer, our staffs are busy making contacts, researching, checking out new charter options, updating information on empty legs and surveying the market for the latest entrants.



Expansive database with access to more than 2500 aircraft of all types around the globe, aircrafts where and when you want them.

World wide network of associates in many countries around the world; a truly global charter network.

Small enough to be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 366 days a year but large enough to take care of even the minutiae.

Professional staff with more than 10 years of airline management experience, the team includes a pilot, aircraft dispatcher, and a financial controller, thus ensuring that clients get cost effective solutions and a rapid response.

Unique pricing: At ABC, most of the time, we do reverse engineering as far as pricing is concerned; we work backwards by doing the entire cost of operations in-house and then leverage with the aircraft suppliers, ensuring that clients get down to earth prices.

Personalized attention and commitment to detail in every aspect of the aviation service; whether it is in assistance of selection of an aircraft, an operator, ground handling, a flight plan or even a business plan for restructuring an airline.

We understand time management and can have an aircraft ready to operate within the hour if an emergency situation such as an evacuation does arise. Call us anytime for a no obligation quote to help you assess commercial viability; we listen intently so that we also hear the unstated assumptions and subtleties. The result: a rock solid optimal solution.